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Our marketing engineering agency provides various services to help businesses increase their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. Our team of experts specializes in using the latest AI technologies and data analytics to deliver measurable results.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Market analysis and research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Persona development and targeting
  • Content strategy development
  • Social media strategy development
  • Budget planning and management

Performance Marketing & Multichannel Marketing

  • Campaign strategy creation
  • Ad copy and creative development
  • Ad targeting and segmentation
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • A/B testing and experimentation
  • Channel analysis
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Cross-channel integration
  • Audience targeting and segmentation
  • Campaign automation
  • Persona & user journey creation
  • Budget allocation and optimization

AI-Powered Content Optimization

  • Content analysis
  • tone-of-voice analysis
  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization

Automated Reporting and Dashboarding

  • Custom report and dashboard design and development
  • Data visualization and dashboard customization
  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

UX Analytics

  • Identifying user pain points and areas for improvement on a website or app.
  • Analyzing user behavior and interactions with a product to inform design decisions.
  • A/B testing and experimenting with different design options to optimize user experience
  • Tracking user satisfaction and feedback to measure the success of UX improvements

Cookieless and 1PD

  • Third-party cookies are being phased out by major browsers, forcing marketers to rely more heavily on first-party data (1PD)

Web Analytics

  • Web analytics will continue to play a critical role in understanding user behavior and optimizing digital experiences, but marketers will need to navigate changing privacy regulations and the limitations of cookieless and server-side tracking

Brand Awareness and Prediction

  • Brand awareness is a key marketing metric that measures how familiar consumers are with a particular brand or product

Web3 Analytics

  • Coming soon